Sharing inspiring stories that heal and restore hope

A few days ago during an exchange with a colleague, he was surprised to learn that I have written books. I had always forgotten to share this information during my interaction with people. I write and that is all. But I am not writing for myself. I write for people who need inspiration, examples, something that will help them make the necessary shift or move that will change their life forever.
In a better way.
I write for change. But and as my colleague reminded me, how to achieve this goal if potential readers don’t know my work? Because it is not enough to write. It is necessary to write and share.
So, I have decided to share with you the new about the books I have authored and co-authored.
It is about empowering people to empower themselves. Inspiring, motivating and accompanying people to live the life they desire and deserve. Personal but also professional life. Because it is possible to achieve this goal. With the right tools of course.
Most of the time stories of courage, hope and laughter.
Words we need to hear when things fall apart to continue doing a difficult job of living and being humans.
Words that can heal and save.
Words that do heal.
Words that restore hope!
These books are: 
  • Author: ¿Verdad que esto ocurrió? Cuentos orales africanos. Editorial Páginas de espuma, Madrid, 2004.
  • Co-author: Equinoccio. Antología de la poesía hispanocamerunesa. Puentepalo, Gran Canaria, Spain, 2008.
  • Co-author: El carro de los dioses. Puentepalo, Gran Canaria, 2008.
  • Co-author: Leaders in Pearls: How to Be An Architect of Change: Empowering Women Globally, Professional Woman Publishing.
  • Co-author: Releasing Strongholds: Letting Go of What´s Holding You Back, Professional Woman Publishing.
  • Co-author: How to Survive When Your Ship is Sinking, Professional Woman Publishing.
Books and also my Blog and Twitter account where I share my tips and tools to achieve this goal.
Your turn…
We all have inspiring stories that would help others heal and regain hope. It can be a sentence, a paragraph, a page or pages. Stories are powerful and research has shown that people easily learn with stories. If you too believe in the power of words I would like to hear from you, hear your story/stories and share with my readers! Remember we are all change agents with our actions, words, attitude, you name it!
To your happiness!
Celine Clemence Magneche Nde

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